Great boat !! This speed can get you to nearby coves in the lake much more reliably than smaller models. I bought a 16' 1977 model Landau jon boat several months ago. Luxurious comfort, incredible performance, and generous storage are hallmarks of the Retreat, Lowes most refined pontoon collection. To avoid both underpowering and overpowering follow the guidelines for your size of Jon boat; only use an outboard motor that has a HP that lies within the range for your size of boat. Crestliner reserves the right to discontinue models or change prices, specifications, materials, equipment, color or design . Click to reveal When considering size, the answer depends on how fast you need to go and how much you are looking to carry. Mid-sized pontoon fun is on the schedule with the Ultra 180 C, a fun-filled lake cruiser to please everyone. 2023 Landau Atlantis 230 Cruise Rear Lounge, 2019 Landau 230 Atlantis Cruise Sports Cruise Brutus TL HHP. The Answer May Surprise You! Landau made them but they are in some sort of hiatus. Overview, Mod Jon Boat Ideal outboard motor size will be given in the detailed specs of your particular Jon boat. At an 18-foot length, we are not talking about little boats anymore. I think they were bought out and they are only making pontoons right now. new gas tank, fuel line,heaters, stove, lights, tires, pods,seats, etc. NEW ALUMINUM METAL BOATS FOR SALE. For a complete breakdown of the best uses for jon boats, please check out this helpful article. Thank you, I may take it out this winter, if I have the guts, lol. Mudbuddy motor all welded jon flatbottom boat, 12 foot Landau Jon Boat with 2 HP Gas motor. Your IP: Paddles will do fine too. Seasonal Guide: Best Times to Catch Big Bass. It is very stable in all water conditions and the extra wide bottom drafts very little water so you can get in the shallows where the ducks want to be. Ready for duck hunting! A small boat carrying a heavy motor will be inherently unsafe and unstable. It will do just fine with a 9.9 Mercury. By Performance & security by Cloudflare. Her load is 275 lbs and max 335lbs with battery and motor. Designed super tough since 1972 to work hard and put away wet. Build your own boat; Request a quote; Compare models; 360 . I am an avid angler and outdoorsman. If you choose to buy a replacement engine for your Landau 1456FP Jon boat, it is recommended . The trailer is a heavy duty Reliance trailer and allows you to pull the boat down the road at 70 mph+ without knowing it is back there. Only found just a handful. Attaching a more powerful outboard than the boat is rated for can: Always follow the manufacturer recommendations and the information given on the Boat Capacity Plate so you stay within safe limits. Carrying capacity requirements and jon boat length requirements are very closely related. Your previous content has been restored. Not only is it unwise, but it is also extremely unsafe. It has been maintained by the local mud motor dealership and has 87 hours total and 1 hour on a new oil change and lube. Although prices of Jon boats can vary greatly, even for boats that are the same size, for the most part the bigger the Jon boat the more expensive it will be. Enjoy a spacious and stable environment to land the trophy of your dreams while soaking up a day on the lake. 2004 Bandit 2004 Cruise 2004 Elite 2004 F/C 2004 Fish 2004 Flat 2004 I/O 2004 MV 2004 Vee 2004 Paddle Jon 2004 Backwater 2004 Bass Boat 2004 Conquest 2004 Excalibur More 2004 Models. As long as it is lighter than the weight of the water being displaced, it will float. We are an authorized dealer for Honda and Yamaha. The Roughneck is rugged and ready to rumble, with all-welded durability and the features you need to fish, hunt, or work when and where you need to. Had some minor leaks a few years ago but j and b weld fixed that. Did a search for Landau Jon Boats on the internet. Call or text (618) 334-1368, Private Seller This weight does not account for passengers, fuel, or gear. The FS 1700 is designed to do it all, while putting smiles on the faces of everyone in the family. Less if you buy used. Has seats and a fish finder. Overview, Alaskan By knowing this information you can work out how much deck space and storage space you need and, more importantly, how much weight you will be placing in the boat. Please edit your content to remove the highlighted words below. Overview, Pro-V GL The durable and versatile FM 1800 SC conquers chop from north to south, with premium fishability and the smooth, dry, and safe ride that has made Lowe a legend in Deep-V fishing. Best Water Temperatures for Perch Fishing (Complete Guide). Fill it with water and see if any leaks out. It's pad hull design delivers peak performance and allows you to run in shallow waters! These all-purpose V-bottom boats are designed for versatility and built to last anywhere you fish. The Lund Pro V Musky boat is designed to conquer the fish of 10,000 casts. The L1648M adds a Mod-V bow to the classic 16-foot jon boat for improved rough-water performance. The Lund Tyee is the ultimate family fishing boat. COPYRIGHT 2023 LOWE BOATS. If a monthly payment is shown, it is based on the Starting at price and assumes 8.49% APR and a $1,500 down payment with a 15-year term. I am excited! Advertisement. A BRUNSWICK BOAT COMPANY. Starting at price refers to the base model, optional equipment not included. 18 feet of hard-working jon boat, the Roughneck 1860 Tiller makes fishing, hunting, and working easy. Thus . Financing is also available for new boat motor and trailer packages with rates as low as 4.99% (with approved credit) thru Honda Finance (new boats motors and trailers or new motors only). Apart from the obvious extra space that will be available on the deck of a larger Jon boat, the weight capacity (also known as the load capacity) will also be increased, meaning you can stow more, and heavier, gear onboard.Advertisement.medrectangle-4{text-align:center;padding-top:20px!important;padding-bottom:20px!important;padding-left:0!important;padding-right:0!important;background-color:#eee!important;outline:1px solid #dfdfdf;min-height:85px!important}if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[320,50],'flatbottomboatworld_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_14',137,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-flatbottomboatworld_com-medrectangle-4-0');.medrectangle-4{text-align:center;padding-top:20px!important;padding-bottom:20px!important;padding-left:0!important;padding-right:0!important;background-color:#eee!important;outline:1px solid #dfdfdf;min-height:85px!important}if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[320,50],'flatbottomboatworld_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_15',137,'0','1'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-flatbottomboatworld_com-medrectangle-4-0_1');.medrectangle-4-multi-137{border:none!important;display:block!important;float:none!important;line-height:0;margin-bottom:7px!important;margin-left:auto!important;margin-right:auto!important;margin-top:7px!important;max-width:100%!important;min-height:50px;padding:0;text-align:center!important}. For tournament bass fishing anglers preferring aluminum bass boats, the Lund Pro-V Bass has it all. Draw them up on rocky banks, strap them to truck beds and car tops and theyll just keep coming back for more, hardy against all odds. A 9.9 on the back will push that along nicely. Fishing boat. But it will be fun outfitting the boat to fit your needs. Timing can have a heavy influence on the success you have in catching bass. Of the boats listed, Landau offers familiar boat hull types and designs including pontoon. Primed for both watersports action and calm relaxation on the water, the Retreat 250 RFL makes every moment spent with family and friends more memorable. For example two pairs of parents and four kids. Overview, Impact XS Modern vessels built by Landau Boat . The boat size you choose will be based on the information you gain from asking yourself the following 2 questions: Determine exactly what you want to use your Jon boat for and how many people will be in it at any one time. Live well running lights trailer Overview, Pro-V GL If you need to know more about these 2 different types read our article on that. Small things add up quick, new batt for electronics, trailer needs rewired, new winch, and on, and on, and on.. That's the retail cost to buy new,what he is selling used. It is 14 feet long and 36 inches wide at the bottom. Other cost considerations will be the construction material used (though most modern Jon boats are made from aluminum) and whether the boat is riveted or welded. A multispecies master with the grit to get the fish, the Stinger 195C is spacious, fast, and tricked-out to make finding and catching your favorite prey easy. 1648 Jon boat. $500 for a boat, trailer and fishfinder isn't bad at all if they are in good condition, when you consider that a cheap kayak or canoe will cost you at least that. The FM 1675 SC makes fishing easy, with an open cockpit and durable Deep-V hull built to Lowe's exacting standards for years of fun and fish on the water. I tried contacting Landau, but the current Landau is not the same company that produced jon boats years ago. But they are specially engineered to overcome forces. Overview, Pro Guide They deliver rugged strength and ease of transport in a fishing or duck hunting utility boat. Let's go whack some ducks! If you choose to buy a replacement engine for your Landau 1470FP Jon boat, it is recommended . This ideal fiberglass fishing boat series brings the best of both worlds to fishing and water sport families. Great boats! Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a2e02b98f712c51 Fast enough for most water sports. Overview, Tyee Below is a rough guide to the appropriate outboard motors for different sized Jon boats. I would hope to get a trollling motor included with that , but you can get a decent transom mount Minn Kota abut 40 to 50 lbs thrust for under $200 if you shop wisely. The all aluminum, riveted construction is both strong and long lasting. Fish and hunt where others can't with a rugged Lund aluminum Jon boat. We've taken the extremely popular Lund Impact and added rear jump seats and a ski pylon to create one of the best aluminum family fishing boats and family recreation boats in the Lund Impact XS. Overview, Pro Guide The drift boat is an iconic shallow water vessel that began its life in the turbulent waters of Oregon. The pictures look nice. Just remember youre in a flat-bottom boat so be careful of driving over wakes or choppy water. While you can find boats in a range of shapes and sizes, the most common lengths are 8, 10, 14, 16, 18, 20 feet. Fill your livewell with tasty slabs in this premium Mod-V fishing boat. Top-performing all-welded pad hull makes the 18 Bay a great inshore fishing boat. The Lund Angler aluminum 16 foot fishing boat is designed for shallow water but with the deep-V hull handles big water with ease. The L1648M adds a Mod-V bow to the classic 16-foot jon boat for improved rough-water performance. May 20, 2002. Youll want to select a jon boat that matches your particular needs. Maximum engine horsepower for the vessel. Make: Landau Boat Co Remove Filter make:landau-boat-co; Filter Boats By. Mid-day These 14' utility waterfowl-hunting boats and utility fishing boats have an aluminum flat-bottom design so you can easily access shallow water when fishing or hunting ducks or geese from a boat. Read More. Own a 2001 Fish Elite 25' tritoon.Landau stands behind there products and have always answered any and all of my questions concerning the boat, great company and great boats!! Designed as a tournament or professional fishing boat, the Lund Pro-V delivers all the innovation and quality expected in a professional fishing boat. If you would like a more detailed list of the main pros and cons associated with different Jon boat sizes you should read this. Ideal For:Navigation to almost all lake locations; longer fishing trips; water sportsWeight Capacity: 600-650 pounds (272-295 kg)Crew: 3 passengers easily. Overview, Baron Available in 14 and 16 foot lengths. Twelve feet of non-nonsense workhorse, the Lowe L1240 Jon boat is built to fish, hunt, and work when and where you need it to. If you are looking for a cost-effective boat that can punch well above its weight, a Jon boat ticks all the boxes. Did a search for Landau Jon Boats on the internet. Loaded with angling and recreational fishing boat features that will please the family. Overview, SSV Contact Seller We are not a big corporation or a mass production plant. That is a good boat. From thoughtful design to premium raw materials to the finest aluminum welders in the world, Lowe brings the peace of mind you expect, the value you need, and the longevity that is shown through thousands of Lowe boats that are passed down to the next generation. Your link has been automatically embedded. This material may not be posted on another website. 1995 Landau Boats 1447FP Jon . Mission accomplished !! Used could save you some money. Both hunting and fishing require space for gear and catch and likewise, if you plan to go boat camping on longer excursions you will need enough storage room for camping equipment, food and water etc. Dealer sets the final purchase price. All of these scenarios will have different weight requirements that will lead you to a close estimation of the length of jon boat you need. To determine which size of boat you need you will therefore need to know what you will use the boat for; day-tripping requires a boat with less deck and storage space than a hunting or fishing boat for example. Overview, Angler Copyright Landau Boats. Where this size really starts to shine is as a legitimate working utility boat. Condition Used (1) Boat Type Power (1) Class Pontoon; Model 20 (1) Price $10000 - $25000; Length You are now subscribed to the get Lowe updates! 2023 Copyright Freshwater Fishing Advice. Overview, SSV Making memories on the water is the singular goal of the design behind the FS 1800-a boat packed with comfort, fun, and angling features to make your lake life a reality. Seating: Bench seating for 4 5 persons. Use: Fishing, hunting, watersports, long distance boat camping and utility work. In a worst-case scenario, your boat tips over or sinks with that heavy motor going under first. Overall these available boats have a shallow draft and average beam, qualities that make them a favorite for day cruising, watersports and freshwater fishing. A perfect platform for entertaining on the water, the SS 210 WT combines plush comfort, prime performance, and an open floor plan into one amazing pontoon. These classic flat-bottomed, riveted jon boats are the perfect fishing, utility, or duck hunting jon boat. Print Friendly Version: 1992 Landau Jon Boats Boat Type: Jon Boats Manufacturer/Builder: Landau Model: 1670MV Year: 1992 Length: 16 Feet New/Used: Used The Boat Dock Springfield, IL, US Toll Free: 866-528-2176 Contact Seller HIN# Status: In Stock Check this Boat's History Payment Calculator: Description: The hull of a jon boat is nearly flat, therefore it tends to ride over the waves rather . This large fishing boat has more tackle storage, fishing features, power and seating, which translates into more fish, people and fun on the water. Ideal as a small fishing boat or a utility or camp boat, the Lund SSV aluminum fishing boat is great for remote areas that demand durability. Premium Mod-V aluminum bass and crappie fishing boats with the shallow-water prowess and fishing features to land bass or crappie lunkers. Offer available to well qualified buyers. If you needed bare hulled large boats, youd likely need to have them fabricated. Now, this is the real deal for the four-person squad. SmartMarineGuide New York, NY - All rights Landau will repair or replace any items deemed defective at the Landau facility in Lebanon, MO or pre-approve and pre-authorize repairs or replacement at an authorized repair center. 8-foot jon boats average 32 inches; 10-12 foot boats average 34-40 inches; 14-16 foot boats average 42-50 inches, and 18+ foot jon boats can be up to 60 inches wide. Duck boat decoys. HAVE A GREAT DAY! Copyright 2023. Big lake and big river capability come standard on the Catfish, a tank of a boat built to chase big blues and flatheads with confidence. The max horsepower for this boat on our records is 25 hp . Built strong to run shallow, that Roughneck 1760 Pathfinder is ready to rumble wherever you fish or hunt. Ideal For:Navigation all lake locations; Water Sports; Utility Work. Advertisement. So if you need more speed, dont get a bigger motor (which exceeds the recommended limit), just invest in a bigger boat. All seat frames carry a lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the original purchaser. Understanding how often you will be using the boat, for what purpose, and on what type of water body. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. What is a Boat Capacity Plate and how does it relate to Jon boat size? The SS 210 DL keeps it fun on the water with premium styling, world-class performance, and a comforting layout. The compact and nimble SS 190 is truly a pontoon for everyone, with many of the features of its larger siblings in the fleet. Big capacity and bigger capability are hallmarks of the rugged, roomy, and ready L1852MT Jon. You will also need to know how many people will be on the boat at any one time for obvious reasons. Same as 18 foot models. Subject to credit approval; not all buyers will qualify. 1991 Landau Boat Co Jon Boat, Duck Hunting/Fishing Boat - 16 ft Jon Boat, 30 H.P. Is the price of a Jon boat based on its size? . Has this company stopped making jon boats? Landau Boat Company specializes in the creation of family-related cruising and fishing excursions. I've had my Landau jbsince the mid-80s. It is 76 inches at the top and 58 inches at the bottom. Mid-sized versatility meets no-nonsense functionality in the all-purpose Roughneck 1760 Side Console. If it is a small pond you will be riding, a simple trolling motor is quite enough, anything more would be overkill. Overview, Jon Boat You can post now and register later. Use: Fishing, hunting, recreational, boat camping and utility work. The Lund Rebel XL 16-foot aluminum fishing boat brings features of the larger Lunds into a more compact, affordable package for aluminum fishing boat fanatics. But we all know that untimately the outfit only cost you $500. At Landau, we don't just buy components and assemble them, we build your Landau Boat to last from the best materials. Your choice of Jon boat will need to take into account: Getting the size of boat wrong can be expensive, either in the cost of replacing your boat if you need a larger vessel or in the costs associated with running, towing and even storing an overly large Jon boat that you dont need. horsepower rating, max passenger and weight ratings..etc. When tough isn't enough, you need the Roughneck 1860 Rambler SC, a proven hard worker. Your IP: The action you just performed triggered the security solution. All Landau original components carry either a lifetime or a 5-year limited warranty, and we maintain NMMA certification using strict ABYC standards. They deliver rugged strength and ease of transport in a fishing or duck hunting utility boat. Slip into the skinniest water with the rugged and reliable Roughneck 1860 Tunnel Jet. Overview, Pro-V Musky XS Putting a larger engine than recommended on a Jon boat will not give you any extra speed. The Crossover XS is truly the perfect family fish and ski boat. This Landau outboard utility has a aluminum hull, is 14 feet long and 47 inches wide at the widest point. 1996 Landau 18' Deluxe Mod V Jon Boat, 2008 Yamaha F9.9 Tiller Manual Start, 1996 Landau single axle bunk trailer, Newer Custom travel cover w/support frame, Deluxe retractable duck blind, Minnkota 55LB/12v trolling motor, 2 Pedestal seats, Propane heater w/fuel line, Remote fuel tank, spare tire, docking lamps. With a dual helm, an expansive aft conversion lounge, and the added amenities found in far more expensive pontoons, the SS 250 DL is a dream come true. They key difference between a standard Jon boat and a semi-v Jon boat lies in how they are used and the environments in which they are used. To find the length, you measure from the center of the transom (rear of the boat) to the bow or front, link to Best Water Temperatures for Perch Fishing (Complete Guide), link to Seasonal Guide: Best Times to Catch Big Bass. Duck boats are also available in 18, 16 and 15 options. Comfortable. Her beam is 44" and 32" bottom. Jon Boats; Deck Boats; View More; Sailing; Daysailers; Catamarans; Trimarans; Pilothouse Sailboats; View More; PWC; Personal Watercraft; View More; Types. Overview. This weight does not account for passengers, fuel, or gear. The Skorpion SS (Stick Steer) is easy to drive, easy to own, and great for exploring smaller lakes and their shallower backwaters for the fishing action you love. Every boat comes with the manufacturers recommendation for the maximum horsepower the boat can take. This outboard utility is 14 feet long and weighs 149 (pounds dry). Read This Before Posting! Ideal For:Backwater exploration; fishing in shallow, overgrown swamps and ponds; light utility workWeight Capacity: Less is better. The Lund Crossover XS brings tubing, wakeboarding and skiing into the fishing mix with roomy in-floor storage for rods, tubes, boards and skis. Built to perform no matter where you like to fish, the FM 1625 SC is loaded with features at a great value to serve you well from the first cast to the last. This site is owned and operated by Eric Matechak. *Starting at price reflects either MAP or NAP price on a base boat with motor trailer package, optional equipment not included. All Rights Reserved. Where this size really starts to shine is as a legitimate working utility boat. Elegant entertainer or watersports thriller? Skiff - Jon Boat Trailers. The Landau ALure Series is built for those that are serious about having fun fishing. The Lund Predator camo hunting and fishing boats are available in a tiller, center console or side console model. Maybe its transporting hunters where the ability to haul hunters and gear is a necessity. Thanks. This is a great winch strap that is ideal for jon boats or any smaller bass boat. It has fuel injection so it will start on the coldest mornings. The boat weighs approximately 98 pounds with an empty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. Electronics start around 100 and only go up. link to What is a Drift Boat Used For? Use: ideal for group trips and excursions. Every Landau Boat places floor joists at 16 inches apart rather than the 24 inches common for competitors. They are a quality made and the service is second to none!! I really liked that boat till I started fishing the Potomac and wanted fiberglass. A more expensive model may be shown. An overpowered boat will be difficult to control and will probably take on water. 8-12 foot boats work great for small area exploration. Compare this Model STARTING AT $1,064* Save more with our current discounts NA HP RANGE 2 MAX PASSENGERS 10' OVERALL LENGTH View full specs Floorplan Colors Our most compact jon boat, the L1032 is easy to transport and perfect for ponds and small lakes. With an expansive extended deck and premium comfort features, it's poised to please. Specifications. 3: The hull and or trailer is not good, still could be a good deal if you can do any and all work to repair. While some people like to test these limits (wishful thinking at its best) by installing heavier motors, it just doesnt work. Our best value in a fishing and cruising pontoon, the Ultra 162 FC makes every day on the lake better. We not only make our own pontoon logs, but we are one of the few companies that design and manufacture our own upholstery in-house. 4 total. Overview, Adventure 14-16 foot jon boats work great for water sports and utility work. Landau is a boat builder in the marine industry that offers boats for sale in differing sizes on Boat Trader, with the smallest current boat listed at 17 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 27 feet, and an average length of 22.99 feet. This outboard utility is 12 feet long and weighs 85 (pounds dry). reserved. Overview, Baron If not, you're good. A perfect goose or duck hunting boat, these boats are easy to transport and light enough for shallow backwater duck ponds. I bought the boat and trailer for $550.00 today. I grew up fishing for anything that swims but really loved fishing for trout, chain pickerel, bass, and bullheads in my teenage years. Evinrude fits our 212CC nicely. Savings: We offer low rates and plenty of discounts. Overview, Crossover XS This is a 1994 1648 Landau Jet Boat & Trailer Powered by a 2010 60/40 4+Stroke Yamaha. At 14 foot you can comfortably start to bring more than just one additional person. The 1860 Pathfinder Tunnel Jet gets you places other boats can't go - which is where the big fish live. The max horsepower for this boat on our records is 5 hp . Transportation charges are not covered under this limited warranty program. Insure your 1998 Landau Boat Co 1256 JON for just $100/year* More freedom: You're covered on all lakes, rivers, and oceans within 75 miles of the coast. These 10 foot utility waterfowl-hunting boats and utility fishing boats have an aluminum flat-bottom design so you can easily access shallow water when fishing or hunting ducks or geese from a boat. Again, all you have to do is drop it in the water and start hunting or fishing. A Boat Capacity Plate is a Federally mandated label that should be carried on all powered boats under 20 feet in length. 12 Foot Jon Boat with 2 HP Jonson Salt Water engine. Some people could use them to carry a medium-sized group of people to the honey hole fishing area while others might use them to carry a smaller group to a duck hunting site. Throw in a medium gear load or a child.Max Horsepower: 15-20 HP is recommendedTop Speed:Up to 20+ mph (32+ kph). The L1240 Jon is a compact and rugged fishing, hunting, and utility boat for all purposes. At this size, averages are almost impossible to calculate because boats this big have highly varied configurations, purpose, and usage. Her spec is as follow: She is 12' long. Will you be using your boat for fishing trips on various rivers with one or two friends? This make a perfect Jet boat for the Lakes or Rives.Options:1994 1648 landau Jet BoatTrailer2010 Yamaha 60/40 Jet 4-Stroke EFIFloorSide Console SteeringBench Seat & Fishing Seat. The oldest model listed is a late classic boat built in 1991 and the newest model year of 2023. 1994 Landau 1648V Jet Boat An aluminum boat producer based in Lebanon, Missouri, Landau Boat Company has evolved as a pontoon vessel provider since 1974. Knowing the best and worst conditions can have an outsized impact on how many bass you will catch. Take to the water with style and comfort in the SS 210, a mid-sized pontoon with all the creature comforts your sophisticated lifestyle demands. Please contact me through Ebay or call me at 319-360-2286 if you have any questions or would like to take a look at it. How do I know if I have the wrong motor for my size of Jon boat ? Financing. The wood has completely rotted off the transom but it's been in the elements all these years.