The Eskdale Valley is known for its pools and waterfalls and Tongue Pot is possibly the best of them all. Swimming from the boats is allowed, providing you can pull yourself back in! As the rock was nice and dry, it was easy to get up this bit as I was barefoot and it was grippy, but I wouldnt have felt as confident if it was wet. From river swims and lake dips to a good soak under a waterfall, have plenty of spots spread right across the county that are ideal for a truly immersive Lake District experience! Thank you for subscribing! An unforgettable wild swim. 2023 Anywhere We Roam. In the sunshine, it would rival the prettiest turquoise water weve seen anywhere in the world. These are either stand alone pieces of water or a particular place on some of the larger lakes to enjoy yourself in the water without doing an open water swim. There may be a walk involved in getting there, but the enjoyment afterwards will more than make up for it. At a massive length of over 10 miles and 1 mile in width it can seem scary to the newer wild swimmers out there, but please do not be disheartened. Wild Swimming Walks Lake District: 28 Lake, River & Waterfall Days Out 216. by Pete Kelly. From rivers to lakes, quarries to natural dubs and pots - you'll never be far away from a sumptuous, soul-reviving freshwater wonderland in which to wallow. Thanks for your support Paul & Mark. The Lake District is quite simply one of the most magical places in the world for wild swimming. However, going further does require care. If you come here for a dip its worth exploring further up the valley. If you think you need to fly to a far off tropical destination to get your turquoise water fix, think again. Some of the bog wasnt too bad on our visit, but some was pretty wet and you wouldnt be able to keep your boots dry unless youre very lucky. 12.99 . Wild Swimming Italy: Discover the most beautiful rivers, lakes, waterfalls and hot springs of Italy, by Michele Tameni, is out on 12 May (Wild Things Publishing, 16.99). This delightful village lies in the heart of Exmoor's moorland and provides a wonderful place to swim. The book takes you on magical journeys through Britain's most popular walking and swimming region, combining classic Lakes fell walking with . Walk length: Up to 4.3 miles (6.9km) return, but can be shorter if you visit less fallsDifficulty: Easy. This pool and rocky gorge with its beautiful waterfall is an excellent place for a wild swim and to enjoy the scenery. Entry is easy, via gently shelving ledges. Wild Things - Wild Swimming Walks - Lake DistrictThe best-selling Wild Swimming Walks series visits the delights of The Lake District with 28 lake, river and waterfall days out.Combining stunning photography, engaging stories and natural history, with all Like Buttermere, it is relatively small in comparison to other lakes, but well worth a visit if you fancy taking a dip. After leaving the lake shore, the walk begins to climb, but very gently at first. The water here is peaty, clear, and chilly. The reward for your efforts is staring up at one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the Lake District and probably the whole of the UK! Located in the shadows of Langdale Pikes, Loughrigg Tarn is another natural swimming hole that is too good to resist. It's significantly colder than many of the other wild swimming spots around the Lakes and the plunge pool is small, so you can't really swim to warm up. Walk length: 1 mile (1.6km) for the lower loop and walk to the top of the waterfall Difficulty: Easy. Read Next The absolute best way up Scafell Pike. As the biggest and most famous lake in the National Park and in England, it could not be left out. The wild swimming locations on our list aremore remote than many others. Its more like an ice bucket challenge! At 61m deep it is the deepest tarn in the Lakes and is as deep as most of our larger lakes; all this in a tarn barely 400m across. If you are planning to swim in the colder months such as spring or autumn, or even in the summer months, then a wetsuit is an advisable purchase. If you look ahead youll see two wooden bridges: one close to the lake and one off to the left. Theres a car park right next to the tarn and a path that runs down to the water. But there is usually plenty of coming and going to find a spot. Easy hikes in the Lake District - 7 of the best. The brave can descend down to the pool for a dip in the cool waters. The water during the summer months is usually warmer than you would expect. There are no facilities at Blea Tarn, so pack your own picnic and thermos of coffee. 2 hours. However, travel down the road to Triglav National Park 's Lake Bohinj and discover wilder scenery for free. It plunges into a sheer ravine and the force of the water and dramatic scenery make for a mesmerising scene. A crucial question is always, what is the water temperature? A pebble beach shelves down on one side of the pool into the crystal clear water and an oak tree overhangs. All Rights Reserved. This is not as well known as some of our other pools and waterfalls which makes it such a special and tranquil place to be, deep in the middle of the forest. The Lake District is a waterfall lovers dream. Combine the swim with one of the best walks in the Lake District and youre in for a treat. Please remember to take all rubbish with you and keep these places wild and pristine - as with anywhere in the outdoors. Find nearby walking routes below. Its a popular location with hikers heading up to the summit of Helvellyn or boat lovers cruising on the Ullswater Steamer. Walk length: 0.75 miles (1.2km) circuit - plus 750m each way if walking from the villageDifficulty: Easy. Walk length: 0.7 miles (1.2km) returnDifficulty: Easy. The waterfall has a series of drops, each with its own unique beauty. Information can be found on the Lake District website specifically for swimmers and users of the lakes. The walk to get there is on a well formed track, although its cobbled in parts in typical Lake District fashion. From those which are easy strolls, to a few that are slightly harder to reach. As previously mentioned, wetsuits, bright swimming caps and tow floats can be very important. This helps towards the costs of running our website. Normally we would pick out just one waterfall from the track, but honestly thats a very tough job when you see the sensational spots on offer here. Some require a hike to get to; but all are rewarded for the cathartic sensation ofswimmingamongst some of the best scenery in the Lake District withalmostno one elsearound. How to use this map / Click on the top left of the map to display the list of locations, then click on the locations to display further information. After a while, the bite of the initial cold dissipates and all that remains is themagic of wild swimming in the Lake District on such a beautiful morning. Alternatively, climb down the large rocks to the bottom of the pool for a lazy relaxing soak. I say brave because the water is ice cold even in summer. Approximately 250m of scratchy bracken later youll reach a metal gate. Best wild swimming in the Lake District for young kids and families. From the car park (details below), the walk heads out onto the road and past the pub before turning right, through the gate (after 70m). Tongue Pot is a deep pool with high walls perfect for leaping into for a more expansive swim. Set among the lush green pastures of gentle rolling farmland, Loughrigg is less rugged than some of the wild swimming on our list. This Summer, we swam outdoors more than we've ever done before, and it just got better, and better! There are always rocks to use as stepping stones and on our visit all but one was tiny and not really worth mentioning - however I know we were walking during an unusually dry spell. The fell above is a lovely little-visited peak and very easy to reach, with views down over Coniston. However, early morning and sunset are personal favourites especially setting out from places like Ashness Jetty. From waterfall splash pads to stunning blue holes, these swimming spots will make your summer memorable. Although the track is generally in good condition, small parts of it can be boggy year round. Buckstones Jum 3 Stunning Waterfalls To Swim In 12. Available from local outdoors retailers, bookshops and our online OS shop. This is the hardest bit though, so once youve over that, there is nothing worse to come. Jumping from the cliffs into the deep water below can give you a huge adrenalin rush. The walk to Scale Force is largely flat, but there is a climb towards the end. While on a cold day the setting might look a little forbidding, find a warm sunny afternoon and you're in for a treat. Many automotive and farm equipment factories were established during the growth of industry between 1901 and the 1930s. This will make you more noticeable and reduce the risk of an accident. In general, the pools are deep and good for swimming in the wild while you enjoy the water flowing down from above. Swimming in the wild in groups is good for safety and moral and it is very important to let someone know of your plans. You can visit the falls via a return route, or make a partial circuit. Leaving Wales off our guide to wild swimming locations in the UK was never an option. The silver lake beaches between Hoathwaite and Conistan Hall are backed by meadows and ancient parkland, make for a perfect beginners stretch and are situated between the two campsites of the same name. Its relatively flat until near the end when there is a short but steep climb to the viewpoint. The pretty waterfall cascades into an emerald pool and its hard to believe such a lovely spot is both free to visit, and a mere five minute easy stroll. You can sit in the window seat, which feels like youve stepped into the pages of a childrens storybook. After 700m you leave the lake shore behind, and up to this point the whole walk has been flat. This workshop helps you to feel relaxed, safe and happy in cold and wild water . Take the ferry to Howtown and follow the shore path a mile SW. Or take Howtown road from Pooley Bridge at N end of Ullswater; you will pass several beaches en route and Park Foot camping (CA10 2NA, 0176 84 86309) has lakeshore pitches. Sort by : River Esk Falls. You cant swim in the pool, but its more than enough to simply sit and take in the idyllic scene. Youll be walking on a flat gravel path, past farmland, but with wonderful views out to the fells. Youll see another wooden bridge just ahead of you, after crossing, youll take a left. Roughly 300m after leaving the wooden bridge youll come to another one (1.9 miles/3km into the walk). For the more experienced there are different routes you can try as well as some brilliant guided swim tours that cover the full length of this great lake.